Admiring Katheryn Winnick

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9News released their interview with Katheryn online. Be sure to watch it below.

The History Channel is hoping for ratings success with “The Vikings.” This original scripted series co-stars Katheryn Winnick, who plays the wife of a Viking hero.

The period drama, which is in the midst of a nine-episode run, centers on Viking raider Ragnar Lodbrok and his desire to explore new territories for his people. Lodbrok is played by “Tarzan” and “The Beast” alum Travis Fimmel.

“Our heads have been filled with just how sinister the Vikings supposedly were, but of course they’ve got families, they’ve got to eat, they want to expand,” Fimmel explained. “And they’ve got as much right, in their minds, to do what they did as anybody else does.

“They needed to expand their resources, because they didn’t have many resources in Norway and Sweden back then. They needed food, and they needed to go into other places to find it.”

That involves some amazing scenery (the series was filmed in Ireland), thrilling fight scenes, and a host of family squabbles, as Lodbrok’s warrior wife, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), supports his efforts, but his wild-man brother, Rollo (Clive Standen), begins to grow jealous of his sibling as Ragnar begins to build his legendary status.

Fimmel says the family saga is what helped him connect to Lodbrok — a Norse hero who believed he was a descendant of the god Odin — and make him a character he thinks viewers will find relatable.

“I just tried to humanize the character,” says the actor, who found out he’d been cast as Lodbrok just a week before production began in Ireland. “He’s got family, loved ones. That gives him reasons why he does the things he does. The Vikings have been portrayed as these brutal people, but in reality, they were concerned with doing the right thing, and providing for their families, like any culture.”

Fimmel says the beautiful locales, costumes, and set design, not to mention the spectacular ships that the History Channel had built just for the production, also helped the actors really tune in to the period, as did the rainy weather they faced most days.

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