Admiring Katheryn Winnick

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Thanks to Kaci from Hugh Dancy Fan, I have added high quality images of Katheryn at the History Channel “Vikings” Panel and Reception to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Public Appearances > Public Appearances from 2014 > May 14: History’s “Vikings” Panel And Reception

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I have added images of Kathrynn from the A&E Upfront presentation on the 8th to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Public Appearances > Public Appearances from 2014 > May 8: A+E Networks 2014 Upfronts

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Images of Katheryn have been added from the Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces party that happened earlier this month.

Gallery link:
Public Appearances > Public Appearances from 2014 > April 9: Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces Party

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They’re tough, they’re smart and they look hella good in a pair of pumps. Oh yeah, we’re talking about our favorite female TV characters of 2014. The recent season of television has spoiled us silly with the rising number of inspiring female leads who are taking sitcoms and dramas by storm.

From Olivia Pope in “Scandal” to Leslie Knope of “Parks and Recreation,” we confidentally give two thumbs up to the way female characters have been portrayed over the past few months. But we have to admit that out of the sea of strong women, we too have a favorite female TV character—and her name is Lagertha of the hit History Channel series, “Vikings.”

OK, so maybe Lagertha doesn’t sport a sassy pair of heels like Selina Meyer of “Veep” but she absolutely rocks her femininity as she slays opposing warriors on the battlefield. Oh, didn’t we mention? Lagertha is a shield maiden and current Earl of Hedeby, which is pretty rare for a female Viking. Hello, glass ceiling!

“The wonderful thing about Lagertha, for me, is that I never anticipated how big that role would become. I have to be honest about that. [The historical figure] was Ragnar’s wife, and she was a shield maiden, she had kids and everything,” “Vikings” creator Michael Hirst told TV Line of the show’s female lead. “And when we were casting, we had lots of possibilities, lots of beautiful young actresses, and I said, ‘We have to have someone who’s tough and looks convincing.’”

Out of all the talented women who tried out for the coveted role, it was Katheryn Winnick who caught the eye of Hirst with her resilient personality—and butt-kicking skills.

“Katheryn came on board pretty late in the day and she said to me, ‘You know, I’m a black belt,’ and that was fantastic and sexy, so I cast her. And then she started to define the role and now she’s as famous as Ragnar,” he explained.
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Captures of Katheryn from the last two episodes of Vikings have been added to the gallery.

Gallery Links:
TV Series > 2013: Vikings > Season 2 (2014) > Screen Captures > 2×03 Treachery
TV Series > 2013: Vikings > Season 2 (2014) > Screen Captures > 2×04 Eye for an Eye

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