Admiring Katheryn Winnick

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The screen captures of episode 4 of “Vikings” are added in our gallery.

Gallery links:
2013: Vikings > Season 1 (2013) > Screen Captures > 01×04 Trial

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Katheryn just updated her official facebook account with some exciting news! She will be part of the WinterCon “Vikings” panel along with her co-stars Travis Fimmel and George Blagden.

HISTORY’s Vikings are going West to WonderCon this Saturday. TV Guide’s Kate Hahn will moderate the “Living the VIKINGS” Panel with Travis Fimmel (Ragnar), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) and George Blagden (Athelstan) on March 30 at 10:30 am at the Anaheim Convention Center. Attendees will catch an exclusive sneak peek of Sunday’s episode and will receive an exclusive VIKINGS Trading Card. Click “LIKE” if you wish you could attend.

Be sure to read our previous post for more information on the panel.

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9News released their interview with Katheryn online. Be sure to watch it below.

The History Channel is hoping for ratings success with “The Vikings.” This original scripted series co-stars Katheryn Winnick, who plays the wife of a Viking hero.

The period drama, which is in the midst of a nine-episode run, centers on Viking raider Ragnar Lodbrok and his desire to explore new territories for his people. Lodbrok is played by “Tarzan” and “The Beast” alum Travis Fimmel.

“Our heads have been filled with just how sinister the Vikings supposedly were, but of course they’ve got families, they’ve got to eat, they want to expand,” Fimmel explained. “And they’ve got as much right, in their minds, to do what they did as anybody else does.
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Screen captures of Sunday’s episode of “Vikings” have been added in our gallery.

Gallery links:
2013: Vikings > Season 1 (2013) > Screen Captures > 01×03 Dispossessed

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Vikings” will be part of WonderCon 2013 and will be part of the Saturday March 30 programme. For more information be sure to go to their official website, no word yet on who will be attending.

Living the Vikings
Join members of the Vikings cast for an inside look at creating the characters for HISTORY’s new scripted series. Catch up with a series recap and get to know the cast during a Q&A session before an exclusive sneak peek at Episode 6.
Saturday March 30, 2013 10:30am – 11:30am
Room 300DE

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Katheryn did a podcast with XRock’s Morning After show, be sure to listen to it below.

The lovely and talented, Katheryn Winnick, called us this morning to chat about her new series on the History Channel called “Vikings” and what it was like to work with Al Pacino and Christopher Walken on “Stand Up Guys.”

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