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We are so excited about this! Katheryn landed herself yet another guest role in a hit serie. This time she will be appearing in CW’s “Nikita“. E! Online is reporting she will appear in the 4th episode of season 2.

Katheryn just tweeted that she is on set in rehearsals, we are so excited about this! “Nikita” is an amazing show! Let’s hope more information will be available soon.

It’s time for a walk down memory lane. Nikita’s (Maggie Q) memory lane to be exact.

That’s right, Nikita fans. We’ll finally be learning a bit more about Nikita’s past… specifically the people she left behind after escaping Division. Yes, she did leave behind more than just Michael (Shane West) when she decided to go rogue.

Lucky for you agents, we just found out which controversial Bones star will be playing Nikita’s former partner-in-crime…

Winnick will appear in the fourth episode, airing in October. In the episode we’ll learn what happened to Kelly after Nikita left and why our favorite female badass has decided to reunite with her. According to Craig Silverstein, Nikita’s showrunner, it may be because our spies are looking for something more important than revenge: a home.

“There’s a real strong sense of home. They’re all looking for their home,” Silverstein tells us of season two. “Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) is looking for the home that she once had and lost. Nikita is looking for the home that she never ever really had. She thinks she can get it with Michael, but they can’t settle down until they make sure no one’s chasing them. That means taking down Oversight, which means taking down Division once cand for all.”

Nikita returns on Friday, Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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We missed this event before but Katheryn flew to France for Cannes Film Festival. She attended a special celebration for the movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It”. We added a few photos of her during the event.

This event is the first of 2011 Katheryn attended, let’s hope more events will come in the future.

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We recently came across a new set of portraits of Katheryn during Sundance 2009 while promoting “Cold Souls“. We added 10 medium quality photos in our gallery, she looks stunning!

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Katheryn had a guest spot in “Lost and Found” of “The Glades”, we already updated you with the plot and promo but we finally managed to make a video with all the scenes with Katheryn. Stay tuned for the screen captures! Katheryn did an amazing job in our opinion!

Update: We just replaced the previous video with a video that works. Youtube had to remove it due to copyright infringement so we uploaded it elsewhere.

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The first official promo for the upcoming episode of “The Glades” was recently released. The episode features Katheryn since she landed herself a guest spot. We already updated you with the official plot.

You can watch the promo for the episode, with a little bit of Katheryn, below. You can download the preview of the script of the episode via the official facebook account of the series.

The episode airs this Sunday (June 19), 10:00 PM at AETV. According to IMDB the Katheryn will play Valerie Dorman.

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No new update in over a month, but there isn’t much to update you on. Katheryn finished filming her guest spot for “The Glades” and it will air June 19th, 2011 according to the official website from the series. The official plot for the episode was also released.

A hunt for fireflies turns gruesome when an 8-year-old’s slumber party turns into a crime scene. Sparks fly when Callie joins the FDLE as a forensic nurse. When a Navy recruiter is murdered, his sexy ex-wife unravels under Jim’s intense interrogation. It turns out that her new, younger boyfriend was caring for her infant son but now the baby is missing. Jim and Callie must race against the clock to find the killer– and find the baby alive.

No new project are currently confirmed for Katheryn, but if they do we will be the first to report them to you.

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