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As you probably know Katheryn is currently playing Hannah Burley in Fox’s hit series “Bones“. Hannah is Booth’s love interest. Katheryn already guest starred in five episode of season six. We added the screencaptures and episode stills of all the episodes she appeared in our gallery. Links and previews are below:

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Love her or hate her, chances are if you’re a BONES fan, you have an opinion on Hannah.
Ever since she appeared on the scene earlier this season fans have had a, um, vocal reaction to Booth’s current girlfriend. And no, that reaction isn’t a surprise to the people behind BONES.

You guys are six years into the show and for many shows, that’s the time to go with what’s familiar, but BONES has shaken things up. Now that Booth and Hannah are together, the Booth-Brennan dynamic needed to shift so boundaries remain in place. Is that something that was a conscious thought in the writers room?
Stephen Nathan: Yes, but it still is a Booth and Brennan centric show. All of the difficulties that they now have in keeping themselves at arm’s length from each other are the things that continually focus in on Booth and Brennan, if that makes sense. Hannah is here, but Hannah is here for us to further examine Booth and Brennan’s relationship.

And of course going into it, you all knew Hannah was going to get a vocal response from the fans…
SN: Oh, yes! We absolutely knew that. We told Katheryn [Winnick (Hannah)], you know, be ready. We knew this was going to be a big deal for the fans. They’re not going to like you. They’re going to want to kill you initially. And people are still upset, but I think they watch the show every week to be upset. To say, “What are you doing Booth? Why are you there? Look at Brennan! She’s right next to you! Look at how she’s looking at you!” And that’s part of the reason Hannah is there. And it’s also a way for Brennan to grow. And I think one of the best parts of this new phase in their relationship is to see the relationship between Brennan and Hannah. Because that’s a relationship between two strong, independent women that I really haven’t seen before on television. Certainly haven’t been a part of. Where you get to see two people who share something in common — they don’t necessarily know that yet, but they will in the very near future. But they like each other. They’re friends. And they have an actual relationship.

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Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan has revealed that he does not know when the storyline involving Hannah will end.

Hannah (Katheryn Winnick) joined the show this season as a love interest for Booth (David Boreanaz).

We don’t know how long she’s going to be with us this season,” Nathan told Entertainment Weekly. “We want to keep it open“.

Hannah’s story is still evolving – we don’t know how we want to wrap it up. And even if she does go away, we want to leave open the possibility that she may come back.”

Nathan also revealed that there will be some conflict between Hannah and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) in a future episode.

I’m working on an episode right now where Brennan and Hannah’s friendship is tested,” he said. “It relates to something that happened between Booth and Brennan at the end of the Brennan-centric episode. It creates some friction between Booth, Brennan and Hannah that has to be worked out.”


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Katheryn is featured with an editorial in Maxim magazine (US) of december to promote her latest project: “Love and Other Drugs“. We added the outtakes in our gallery as well as the magazine scans. Although the photoshoot is really ‘sexy’ -it’s for Maxim so obviously- Katheryn still looks classy. You can watch the behind the scenes / interview with Katheryn on set of the photoshoot below:

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Katheryn attended the premiere for “Love and Other Drugs” during the AFI Festival 2011 on november 4, 2010. Her co-stars Anna Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal did also attend the event. We added a bunch of photos during the premiere in our gallery. We also added the portrait outtakes of Katheryn of the same day. Links and preview are below:

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