Admiring Katheryn Winnick

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I have added magazine scans of Katheryn to the gallery. Thanks to Luciana for the Entertainment Weekly ones.

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Vikings badass Katheryn Winnick will rock fresh-scrubbed skin, a cas’ ponytail and a laid-back attittude on CBS’ Person of Interest, as seen in these first photos from her upcoming guest-starring turn.

In the dynamic drama’s next new Season 4 episode, titled “Skip” and airing March 24, Winnick plays bounty hunter Frankie Wells. Reese is tasked with protecting this latest POI, even as she steadfastly refuses to let the potential threat to her life deter her from the relentless pursuit of a target. (Elsewhere in the episode, Finch tries to set in motion a plan he began in Hong Kong.)

If you want to check out some stills from the episode you can go Here

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Sorry for the wait! I’ve added screencaptures of the last three episodes of Vikings to the gallery.

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TV Series > 2013: Vikings > Season 3 > Screen Captures

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Katheryn Winnick has said that her martial arts background has helped her “very much” in playing Lagertha on History’s first-ever scripted series “Vikings.”

“My family decided to do a family activity, and there was a martial arts school that was a few minutes away from my house that my parents enrolled us all in,” the 37-year-old Canadian actress recalled during an interview with

“I fell in love with it,” she continued. “I got my first black belt at the age of 13, and then I started a martial arts school at the age of 16 and had three schools by the time I was 21.”

And because of her martial arts background, she said that she feels “very comfortable” while filming “Vikings” battle sequences. As a matter of fact, she’s the one doing all her own stunts.

“It’s important to me to not have a stunt double unless it’s something that’s extremely [difficult],” the actress said. “I feel very comfortable holding a shield and a sword, and I think my martial arts background has given me the foundation I need.”

But in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Winnick admitted that she also have to “tone down” her martial arts expertise while shooting scenes for the historical drama series. “I couldn’t throw a roundhouse kick,” she told the outlet. “We had to develop a style that was more raw, more based on survival instincts, more guttural, guerrilla.”
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