Admiring Katheryn Winnick

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Title: Katheryn Winnick’s hints for keeping love steamy
Author: Carolyn Kylstra
Date: June, 2010

The actress (who stars alongside Ashton Kutcher in Killers) knows that love takes effort. Her parents’ 39-year marriage is her source of inspiration and wisdom. Here are her 5 keys to staying together for the long haul.

Never go to bed angry. Winnick’s parents taught her this ancient one, and she believes it so wholeheartedly that she’ll stay up until dawn to hash out disagreements. “It’s important not to feel resentment toward your partner,” she says.

Talk every day. “Always have catch-up time to make sure you both stay on the same page.”

Escape. “Even if you’re just scheduling a night in a nearby hotel,” she says, “you need to find someplace to reconnect where there are no BlackBerries.”

Grow together. Always find activities to do together, she says, because that means you continuously grow together and learn about one another. “It’s very important to be active with your partner,” she says. “It teaches you about how the other person handles different situations, and teaches you about their goals and how they stay motivated—and if you need to help them.”

Let her know you’re thinking of her. “Leave little notes for your partner, and really make time for her,” she says. This shows that you think of her and plan to include her in your life, even when she’s not around to remind you.

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