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Title: Actress Katheryn Winnick Chats Bones and Booth
Author: Troy Rogers
Date: September 29, 2010

When Bones returns to the Fox airwaves on September 30 with the episode “The Couple in the Cave”, David Boreanaz’s Booth receives a surprise visit from girlfriend and Afghanistan war correspondent, Hannah Burley, played by guest actress Katheryn Winnick. When Hannah’s arrival forces Brennan to question her own relationship with Booth, Booth tries to show his partner that love isn’t always logical.

Ahead of the new Bones episode, “The Couple in the Cave”, we spent a few minutes with guest actress Katheryn Winnick to get the scoop on Hannah, her relationship with Booth, and how Hannah may or may not factor into the season in a larger capacity.

Things get serious between Hannah and Booth. How far do you see this role going? Do you think she’ll become a series regular?
[laughs] I don’t know! For me, I’m just lucky to have a great time on set and have a character that I love working with and really sink my teeth into. I’m enjoying each episode that I’m in and getting a chance to really find out more about Hannah and what makes her tick. All I know is that I’m in a handful of episodes and I’m glad to be there.

You mentioned that Hannah and Brennan are getting along now. But if things take a turn for the worse, can you see Hannah employing your own martial arts background to take her out?
[laughs] We haven’t written Hannah as a martial artist, but she did go to Afghanistan. So I would think she would have some kind of training.

It’s funny, because it’s one of the first questions I asked Emily [Deschanel], does her character do martial arts? She told me that there have been scenes in the past where she has trained to take out the bad guy and her character does know some martial arts.

In the first episode, we were laughing at the table at the bar. We were like, “Well, it would be interesting to have them both go into this, not a catfight, but this showdown.” But with my character, yeah, I would love to get a chance to kick some butt on screen. It would be fun and she could definitely hold her own and take care of herself.

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Bones fans are already in a bit of an uproar over Hannah and Booth. What’s your reaction to that?
[Laughs] I’ve heard that my appearance is causing a stir, but I am excited about it. I think people are going to be excited about my character and I hope that they will welcome me.

Can you elaborate a bit on how Hannah and Brennan bond and why is Brennan not outright protective of Booth?
I really feel that Hannah and Brennan are similar in a lot of ways. Specifically, they are both driven by facts. They are both motivated, intelligent, adventurous women. There isn’t any major tension right away. There is an understanding that we both have this similar past.

How much does Hannah know about Booth and Brennan’s relationship? Is she aware that Booth tried to move he and Brennan’s relationship forward?
I’ve asked myself that question many times. She definitely knows about Brennan, that they had a history and that they are very tight. I don’t know if she knows the details. I think it would be interesting for her to discover that, but I don’t think that she’s threatened by Brennan. Hannah is strong and independent and motivated in her own journey, working for the Press Corps, so I don’t think she feels threatened.

There is a scene in my first episode when Booth and Hannah are in bed, where they have connected and had some fun. One of the first things that I mention is his connection with Brennan. Hannah is very intuitive and reads people very well.

Will Hannah serve as a way for viewers to see more into Booth’s personal life?
Yes, Hannah will bring out a side to Booth that the audience hasn’t seen yet. Hopefully it’s a fun and loving side and that fans will get to see why Hannah and Booth have this strong bond. She pulls him outside of work and let’s people see him in a whole different light. I’m excited for Bones fans to see that.

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