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Title: Twice Blessed
Author: William Morassutti
Date: January 25, 2010

This is not the first time Katheryn Winnick has caught our eye. We profiled the striking Canadian beauty back in September 2005 in the print version of TORO Magazine. At the time, she had just played Ivana Trump in the biopic Trump Unauthorized, standing out with an assured and somewhat vampy performance – not to mention a spot-on Czech accent.

Five years after that feature, her career is on the ascent; she’s landing bigger roles in more compelling projects and working alongside some of the top talent in Hollywood. Some things, though, remain the same. Winnick is as stunning as ever, as revealed in the accompanying photo spread by photographer Phil Brideaux. She also continues to nail Eastern European accents. In Cold Souls (wherein Paul Giamatti stars as a fictional version of himself and decides to have his wearisome soul extracted), Winnick plays a Russian soap-opera actress. It’s a performance that captivates far beyond her perfect pronunciation and intonation; in fact, with her first appearance in the film, she expertly captures the gestalt of a beautiful, bored, pampered woman simply through the subtle, layered expression of her face.

Winnick reflects on her experience in Cold Souls: “In the past couple of years I’ve had the good fortune of working with some amazingly talented people. Working with Paul on Cold Souls was fantastic. He actually cast me himself, as he not only starred in but also produced this film. We shot in New York and St. Petersburg in Russia – and I had to learn Russian for this role, which was amazing. But working with Paul and observing the way he dives into his character was really something. I aspire to be like him!”

Upcoming projects include Love and Other Drugs directed by Ed Zwick and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Killers starring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. The first film is about a salesman selling a male-performance-enhancement drug like Viagra and the second involves a newly married couple that discover that their next-door neighbours may be assassins hired to kill them. Both movies are dark comedies, a tag that applies to Cold Souls as well. A coincidence?

Well, I’m definitely drawn to good material,” Winnick says. “But I don’t necessarily focus on genres. I’m more interested in the scripts and also the key players involved – the other actors, the director – and also the type of characters that I can play, to show different sides of me. That’s what really gets me going.”

Back in our 2005 TORO Woman profile, she said much the same thing: “I love diving into characters, and falling in love with them, really – because that’s what I have to do to bring that side of them onscreen.”

The more things change for Winnick the more the stay the same – with acting, and accents, and a passion for exploring character through her craft.

TORO caught up with Katheryn Winnick for an exclusive TORO Woman photo shoot, and she revealed more insights into her personality with this questionnaire.

Q: What is your present state of mind?

A: Happy!

Q: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A: I would say that, for me, perfect happiness is a feeling of being fulfilled, inspired, at peace and connected to myself and others.

Q: The quality do you like most in a man?
A: I’ll give you three: a kind heart, a good sense of humour and perseverance.

Q: The quality you like most in a woman?
A: Ambition. And drive.

Q: What historical figure do you most identify with?
A: Lucille Ball. Not sure that I identify with her so much, but I’ve always loved her.

Q: Which living person do you most admire?
A: I admire strong women, women who make their own way and create a path for themselves and others. Oprah is a great example of this.

Q: What is your greatest extravagance?
A: Hmm … I guess it would be my car. But in the end, it’s just a thing.

Q: What is your most treasured possession?
A: My family. Not really a possession, but I definitely treasure them.

Q: Which talent – other than ones you are blessed with – would you most like to have?
A: I wish I could sing really well. I mean, I think I’ve got a good singing voice, but everyone tells me I’m wrong!

Q: Other than your present occupation, what occupation would you like to try?
A: I’m fascinated by the role of the producer in movies and television, and would love to try my hand at that sometime.

Q: If you were to die and come back as a person and/or thing, what do you think it would be?
A: An animal: an eagle.

Q: What trait do you deplore most in others?
A: Easy: laziness.

Q: What trait do you deplore most in yourself?
A: Sometimes I can get pretty intense.

Q: What is your greatest fear?
A: Not striving to accomplish everything on my personal list of goals and achievements.

Q: Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
A: “I’ve got so much work to do.”

Q: What or who is the greatest love of your life?
A: He (or it) shall remain nameless!

Q: What is your motto?
A: I’m stealing Nike’s. “Just do it!”

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