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Admiring Katheryn Winnick was founded and currently maintained by me, Lindsey. After seeing Katheryn as Hannah in the hit series “Bones” I recognized her and looked her up via the internet because I was curious. I found out I remembered her from her amazing guest starring roles in “House” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and her supporting roles in “Two Weeks Notice“, “Killers” and “Failure to Launch“.

I was really impressed by her resume and especially the diversity and I watched a bunch of her other guest starring and supporting roles. When I was looking for a website dedicated to her I found out she did not have an up-to-date and complete source. After reading more information and watching interviews of her I realized I thought it was really not fair that she did not have a complete fan source. I decided to start a fan source myself.

Admiring Katheryn Winnick

We aim to be the most complete and reliable fan source for the talented Katheryn. We can also use help with additions to our Photo Gallery or content of our site. If you want to get part of the staff, don’t hesitate and drop me a line. Admiring Katheryn Winnick is your best and ever-growing source for Katheryn Winnick.